2020 Workshops

We are excited to offer a number of workshops at Mid-Atlantic MOD. Please find information below on workshops that will be offered, assuming there is enough interest. Dates/times are subject to change as we gauge the interest. If the time changes and you are no longer available to take a workshop you've registered for, you will be able to cancel without penalty.  Use this link!

All workshops are 1.5 hrs and cost $15 (in cash paid upon check-in at MOD - if you register for a workshop you will not be allowed into MOD until you have paid your workshop fees and you will not be able to cancel your workshop registrations. Please bring cash with you to pay for your workshops to the registration desk to pay when checking in.) Workshop times are included below along with approximate material costs, in addition to any kit fees the instructors may require. Supply and material lists for each workshop will be provided at least 1 month prior to the retreat.


Building an Improv Daily Practice

Instructor:  Heather Kojan

Date/Time:  Friday, May 1, 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Description: In this mini class, we’ll talk about my “January Projects” for the past three years, building a daily improv practice and working with limitations. We’ll make a block or two of my first January Project quilt (featured in Modern Patchwork Fall 2018.) 

Supply List

Zipper Installation

Instructor:  Lynne McKay-Atha

Date/Time:  Friday, May 1, 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

Description: Scared of zippers? Don’t be! With a bit of guidance and a few tricks you will be on your way to putting zippers into pouches, purses and pillows. In this workshop you will learn about zippers and make samples that you can then refer to in your own work.  It starts with a quick overview of the different types of zippers, sewing machine feet, stitch plates and sewing aids, followed by instruction and practice of sewing two different zipper applications.

The first hands-on sewing will be a straight zipper application, with and without end tabs (lower left of bottom picture). Once the zipper is completed in class, the practice piece can later be made into a pouch. Inset zippers will be the second application.  These are often used for zippered pockets inside purses. They can be seen in the top two pictures in the photo. This will be a practice sample, so students will be given a kit with pre-marked fabric and zipper and will sew the inset zipper.

Also discussed will be how to make a covered zipper for a pillow back.  There will be lots of samples of popular bags and pouches so that you can see various zipper applications.

Supply List

Piecing Words

Instructor:  Chawne Kimber

SESSION 1 - Date/Time:  Friday, May 1, 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
SESSION 2 - Date/Time:  Friday, May 1, 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM

Description: Let’s say stuff with our patchwork! We are inspired by the ideas of Tonya Ricucci in Word Play Quilts (out of print), but presented in my own way with tips and tricks learned from experience. This is an improvisational technique that can be used to make precision pieced or wonky results. We’ll practice a few common constructions in the word "love" and then you’ll have all the skills to try your hand at a phrase.

New Twists on Diamond Piecing - Diamond Stair Steps

Instructor:  Sarah Bond

SESSION 1 - Date/Time:  Saturday, May 2, 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
SESSION 2 - Date/Time:  Sunday, May 3, 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Description: What do you get when you combine the color and contrast with angles and orientation? You get a dynamic quilt with movement and a touch of three-dimensional illusion. I love classic quilts and their elements. I’ve been experimenting with variations on Lone Stars and Diamond Piecing for the past couple of years and these quilts are the results from two years of experimentation and improvisation. You can go vertical or horizontal. You can use any combination of colors in your strips. You should use two colors with some contrast for your backgrounds in order to differentiate your row of diamonds.

Intro to Ruler Work

Instructor:  Betsy Vinegrad

Date/Time:  Saturday, May 2, 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

Description: Do you want to explore quilting with rulers but are nervous about where to start? Betsy will share the basics of quilting with rulers and provide instruction on how to translate the use of rulers for different projects. We will be using the ruler to learn how to outline letters, words, or simple shapes by filling in the space around them. For a more organic feel, this technique can be done without rulers using a walking foot or open toe embroidery foot. Students are welcome to attend the class and not use rulers.

Modern Organic Shapes

Instructor:  Jessica Levitt

Date/Time:  Saturday, May 2, 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Description: In this workshop you will learn the basics of reverse-applique by machine with glue-basting. You will draw an organic shape or gentle curves and learn how to translate it exactly to fabric. This technique can also be used to sew precise curves and circles by machine (sometimes known as the Six-Minute Circle) or even to improvise curved piecing that lays perfectly flat.

Make Your Bag Fabulous with Hardware!

Instructor:  Linda Fasules

SESSION 1 - Date/Time:  Saturday, May 2, 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
SESSION 2 - Date/Time:  Sunday, May 3, 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

Photos are from Noodlehead. Projects shown left to right: the Wax and Wool Tote, the Tiny Treasurers Basket, and the Minimalist Wallet.

Description: Want to learn how to add rivets, snaps, and other hardware to your bags to give them a more professional look?

This workshop will show you how to add rivets and set snaps into your bags to make them even more fabulous! A kit fee will cover the cost of 50 rivets and 12 snap sets in the metal finish of your choice so that you leave the workshop with the tools, hardware and knowledge to use them in your next project.

We will also talk about adding leather, or leather-like details and an assortment of other hardware to your bags.  This is a non-sewing class, but if you have a bag or other project that you would like to add snaps or rivets to, please bring it!

$15 kit fee - REQUIRED - paid in cash to instructor

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