Sunday, November 13, 2022

General Registration Sunday, 11/13 7 PM Eastern Time!

 Hi Friends!

It's happening!

Here's your link:

No code is required.

We only have a handful of tickets available, so we suggest you be at your device at 7 PM to secure a spot. If you do not get a ticket, please get on the waitlist. Historically, there is always a little bit of movement, and we expect the same to be true for MOD 2023.

Also, if you're not familiar with our policies, please check our FAQ. (Click on the link above to find our FAQ.) 

We're excited to see you at MOD 2023!!

Heather and Jessica

Friday, October 28, 2022

 Upcoming dates!

Early Registration is Friday, November 4th at 7 PM. 

For early registration, we have sent out unique access codes to each guild. Your guild leadership will share that code with you. If your guild did a lottery type system to distribute the early registration tickets, technically, you don't have to register right at 7 PM on 11/4. However, we ask that you register prior to 11/9. If your guild does not do a lottery, please plan to be at your computer at 7 PM on 11/4 as we expect tickets to go quickly. 

If you are new to MOD or just need a refresher, please click on the link provided by your guild leadership prior to registering and review our FAQs. Some of our policies may have changed.

As always, if you have a  question, please reach out to us at

General Registration is Sunday, November 13, 7 PM

The link to register is here:

No code is needed for General Registration. If you are trying to secure a spot at MOD 2023,  please plan to be at your computer at 7 PM on 11/13 as we expect tickets to go quickly. We have a very limited number of tickets available for General Registration. 

If you do not secure a spot during general registration, please follow the prompt to get on our mailing list. Historically, there is always a little movement on the waitlist, and we expect that to hold true for MOD 2023. 

If you are new to MOD or just need a refresher, please click on the link above prior to registering and review our FAQs. Some of our policies may have changed.

As always, if you have a  question, please reach out to us at

We look forward to seeing you at MOD 2023!

Heather and Jessica

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Save the Date! MOD 2023

Yay, we have a date!

Look for more information over the coming months. Registration will most likely happen in October.
If you're not on our general mailing list (or not sure if you are) please sign up today. That's where we share all of the latest info. Click on the "Mailing List" tab above. Also follow us on Instagram @midatlanticmod

If you're a member of a sponsoring MQG, please let your guild president/board that you want your guild included in MOD 2023! Have them reach out to us directly with any questions regarding sponsorship.

We're also looking for teachers for MOD 2023. We're looking for techniques and quilts that have a distinctly modern aesthetic. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions about teaching for MOD. And if you're a newish teacher, that's great too! You'll find more info and a link to submit proposals on the "Instructor Proposal" tab above. 

That's all for now!

We can't wait to see you next April!

Heather and Jess


Wednesday, March 2, 2022

MOD Vendors and Local Shop Discounts

 What's a quilting retreat without shopping, amiright?

We've got many, many opportunities for you! (So, uh, start saving your pennies!)

This is our line up of fantastic vendors! Click on their logos to check out their on-line shops!

Friday April 1st:

8 AM - 1 PM  1 Choice 4 Quilting

2-7 PM Stitch Central

Saturday April 2nd:

8 AM - 7 PM  Domesticity

 8 AM - 1 PM The Quilter's Bazaar

2 PM - 7 PM Rachel Rossi 

MOD has also arranged for discounts to some local Lancaster Shops. Coupons will be available in an upcoming email, and we'll have some print coupons on site as well! All will have a start date of March 30, if you plan to come a day early!



Old Country Store

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

MOD 2022 Project Bag Swap

Swap with us!

There are no official sign ups for this swap. Just bring a finished Vinyl Project Bag to the retreat and you'll come home with one! The exchange is a yankee style swap so you are not making one for any specific person. PLEASE read all of the instructions below!
  • You will make a vinyl project bag that is between  14”x14” and 16”x16”. The bag should be a flat zippered bag with a pieced and quilted back and clear vinyl front, bound at the edges. A handle is not required, but strongly encouraged.
  • Here is a free tutorial on Moda  to make this bag. (Note: This pattern is not big enough and has to be sized up a couple of inches!!! You’ll want a 16-18” zipper and need to add 2+ inches to the cutting measurements). You could use other similar tutorials like this one on The Quilting Nook or this paid pattern from Patterns By Annie.
  • The back of the bag is basically a mini quilt. IT MUST BE PIECED and cannot be just a simple piece of fabric. It must be quilted and it should use By Annie’s Soft and Stable or Pellon Flex Foam  instead of batting. This makes the bag more stable. Both of these can be found at Jo-Ann’s or Amazon or lots of quilt shops.
  • The vinyl used needs to be about 16 gauge thick. This is the ideal thickness for functionality and durability. Do NOT buy thin cheap vinyl or cut up a thin vinyl table cover or shower curtain. You can purchase at JoAnn's, Fabric.comBy Annie, or even Amazon.
  • Tips for working with vinyl can be found here and here  If you use the tutorial above, you will not be sewing with your presser foot directly on vinyl so you definitely don’t need a special foot or anything. If you have question or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask, or bring the quilted back and materials to MOD and finish it up with help from other attendees.
  • The zipper installation is the easiest you can do! But if you are worried, consider the zipper class being taught by Lynn at MOD. She will briefly cover this installation and be able to answer questions.
  • No extras please - we’d like to keep this swap to just the bag itself.
  • Please bring your finished vinyl project bag in a paper bag so it is not visible and without your name on the outside and unsealed (we will be swapping the bags around so no one knows which is which).  You can post pictures of your bag on Instagram etc before the swap (tag them with #midatlanticmod)!
  • Please keep in mind this is a modern quilting retreat and swap. For example, no appliqued baskets of flowers, Sunbonnet Sue, glitter/buttons/embellishments, etc. Some ideas for you: using solid, bold fabrics, improvisation, a modern block surrounded by strips, several blocks pieced together in modern fabric, low volume fabrics as a background, etc. 
  • You might want to make something sewing/quilting related so it goes with the projects it will hold. Here’s an example of the back pieced for Jess Levitt’s swap (it’s not complete yet but will be up for swapping at MOD!):
PLEASE take time to read through these directions several times and follow them. We're happy to answer any questions you might have now or even help you out at MOD before the swap. Can't wait to see what you create!

Email Jessica with any questions.