Thursday, September 13, 2018

MOD 2019 Call for Instructors

We are searching for instructors to teach skills workshops of 1.5 hr in length at MOD.  We are hoping to fill 6-8 workshop teaching spots, depending upon interest from attendees.  The class size will be 5 to 15 people. All instructors will be paid for workshops they teach on a per-student basis.  Attendees will be required to pay for workshops upon registration at the event so that the instructors will be paid regardless of whether or not the student ultimately shows up for the class.

Instructors may sell materials (e.g., supply kits, patterns, etc.) during their workshops.  If the instructor plans on requiring that students purchase materials from them (e.g., a materials fee), they must explain the fee in the proposal and must indicate what is being provided for the fee (for example, if your workshop requires that the students purchase a pattern, indicate the price of the pattern).  Instructors will be required to provide a complete supply list by March 1, 2019.

Different than previous years, we will choose teachers after registration is open. If you'd like to be considered as a teacher, please be sure to register, either during pre-registration with your guild, or during general registration. If you are not able to register but would still like to teach, we will consider that as an option. The workshop list and registration will be available at a separate time after ticket registration. Attendees will be notified via email when it is available and asked to register separately.

Also, we wanted to let you know that you shouldn't be intimidated by the proposal form - there are a lot of questions, but it does not necessarily mean that you have to have lots of experience in order for your workshop to be accepted.  We have had both first time and experienced teachers give workshops at MOD in the past, so we are certainly open to accepting proposals from first time teachers.  We are always looking for great modern workshop topics with wide appeal.

If you are interested in being an instructor for the Mid-Atlantic Mod retreat, please click on the Instructor Proposal Form link at the top of the page.  If you have ideas for multiple workshop options, please complete the form separately for each workshop option you would like us to consider.  Workshop proposals are due by October 29, 2018.


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