Attendee Marketplace

We have added a fun event to Mid-Atlantic MOD called the Attendee Marketplace.  The marketplace is held on Saturday night from 6:00 to 7:00 PM and it is open to all attendees.  It’s a chance to do some destash but also to sell some goodies you make.  This is a free option for those attending the retreat and is meant to be an event for individuals, not shops.

Here’s how it works:

  • From 6:00-7:00pm you will present your wares in the classroom (Robert Fulton Room)
  • You may bring about as much stuff as will fit on a 18” x 24” cutting mat
  • You can also bring a bag or bin of extras to keep under the table so you can re-stock your space
  • If we don't have many people selling, we'll spread out
  • You can destash fabric but it should be in cuts, not big yardage as there won't be space to cut.  It’s best if it’s recognizable sizes like Fat Quarters or 1/2 yards.  Bundled large scraps are OK but not big bins of scraps.  Only quilter’s cotton or other quality fabrics available in quilt shops (voile, lawn, canvas) 
  • You can also sell handmade goods of any kind.  Pouches, lanyards, snack bags, needle minders, fabric bins, key fobs, mug rugs, ornaments, scarves or non-sewn items like jellies, soap or lip balms, etc.
  • You can also sell books or patterns that you’ve written and are authorized to sell.
  • You are free to price your items as you wish but there’s not much time for haggling so try to have a price in mind.  For example, fabric pricing could be $2 for FQs and $4/half yard.
  • You may choose to accept any form of payment but it is your responsibility and Mid-Atlantic MOD doesn't accept any responsibility for collecting payment.  We suggest people bring cash to shop.
  • You may bring items you simply want to give away but no junk please!  Anything that you don't sell or give away is your responsibility to clean up and take with you at the end.
  • Please come organized.  We want to avoid large, messy piles of unrecognizable fabric cuts.  Go through your stash and handmade items and present them in a pleasing way.
This is meant to be a fun little marketplace to share goodies with each other.  Please don’t think of it as a chance to get rid of your junk.  You may not bring old books, magazines or notions.  And remember, this is a modern quilting event, so please bring try to bring only items of interest to modern quilters.  Just break out the best fabric you’re willing to part with and some cute handmade stuff.  Think of it as a pop-up Etsy shop.